Ridler Award 2019 Finalist: JF Launier in Quebec City

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Ridler Award 2019 Finalist: JF Launier in Quebec City

4 march 2019

JF Launier, JF Kustoms, will be at the 50th Sport Auto Show of Quebec City with the 1964 Pontiac Acadian finalist for the Ridler Award at the 67th Detroit Autorama.

Builder and vehicle designer since the age of 13, J.F. Launier has been ranked among the "BASF Great 8" for the 2019 Ridler Award. This is the fourth time J.F. Launier has been ranked among the "Great 8", after having obtained it in 2010 for a 1955 Chrysler Station Wagon, in 2012 for a 1967 Shelby GT500 and in 2014 for the 1964 Buick Riviera. In 2014, J.F. Launier became the first Canadian to win the world's most coveted custom car award, the Ridler Award, with the yellow 1964 Buick Riviera nicknamed "Rivision".

This year, from March 1 to 3, 2019, J.F. Launier presents for the first time the fruit of more than a million in investment (time and equipment), with a team of enthusiasts: ANVIL. What is ANVIL? Who is ANVIL?

ANVIL, it's the 1964 Pontiac Acadian, owned by Mrs. Sandy and Mr. Danny Jadresko of Victoria, British Columbia, that allowed J.F. Launier to win his fourth Great 8. ANVIL is a car whose engine, a 632ci Nelson Racing Engine Twin Turbo with 2,500 horsepower, has been pushed back one foot. It is a car transformed according to Brian Stupski's design, with more than 100 parts created according to customized 3D models.

The Jadresko family's request was clear, although complete: to create a new image of what a "street outlaw" would be. The image and idea was simple "a refined Saturday evening with high standards". JF Kustoms has set itself a high standard, as with all its other projects, by wanting to create a car for the home, for the acceleration track, for the weekend roadtrip and for the biggest exhibitions.

After hours of assembly, modifications of the tubular structure, remodeling of the parts, the structure was painted entirely grey before returning to the painting room for white paint. The entire paint was then meticulously sanded to obtain a mirror effect over the entire surface of the vehicle. Finally, 3 painters, during 4 days, worked on the last graphic designs of the car, including its name ANVIL painted in several places.

J.F. Launier and his creation, ANVIL, the 1964 Pontiac Acadian, will make a remarkable and awaited stop at the 50th Sport Auto Show of Quebec City from May 3 to 5!

The Ridler Award is presented annually since 1964 to the Detroit Autorama, the largest ISCA sanctioned indoor car show in North America. The prestigious award is named in honour of Mr. Don Ridler, the first promoter of the Detroit Autorama in 1953. In the world of modified cars, this is the most prestigious award to collect. The Detroit Autorama is also known as the "America's Greatest Hot Rod Show".

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