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Rick Dore's Shangri-La also in Quebec City!

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Rick Dore's Shangri-La also in Quebec City!

15 march 2019

Surprises are just piling up to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Miller Lite Sport Auto Show in Quebec City! We are extremely proud to announce that builder Rick Dore, behind the Black Pearl, will be in Quebec City with a second exceptional vehicle: the Shangri-La.

This 380 horsepower car is just as unrecognizable. Under the hard work hours of Rick Dore and his team hides the body of a 1936 Cadillac. Under the Indian blue hood is a GM V8 RAM engine with a GM 700R4 automatic transmission. The paint was applied by the Cambra Speed Shop team in Orange, California.

Long before the painting, there was the impeccable work of the late Marcel Delray, of Marcel's Custom Metal in Corona, California. He shaped the entire aluminium body of the car by hand. Moreover, at the first unveiling of the Shangri-La, the car was made of raw aluminium. However, despite the enthusiasts' praise for this finish, Rick Dore insisted on painting the Shangri-La in a sharp blue. After all, the Shangri-La is one of six cars Rick Dore drives every day; with two Mercurys, a Buick, his wife's Lincoln and his 2009 pickup.

To the comments of the amateurs asking him to keep the Shangri-La on raw aluminum, here is what Rick Dore had to answer : « I want to finish all of my cars and I want to drive them afterward. I don’t want to be afraid to drive them because they have a really expensive paint job.1 »

Other features

The Shangri-La operates with a 1940 Lincoln air cleaning system. Its acceleration unit has been modified to be mounted laterally to give the car a cleaner look. Art Morrison's chassis is suspended by coil springs at all four corners and provides a 116-inch wheelbase for the vehicle. The interior has been completely customized by Ron Magnus, the chrome brass mouldings and trim have been handcrafted. The wiring and electricity are the result of Ron Francis' work. With its curved windshield and removable brushed metal roof, the Shangri-La is truly a unique vehicle. Since the front fenders soared, the bodywork lines have extended gracefully to the rear, leaving the impression of a grand tour, even when stationary, in the Art Deco style of the late 1930s.

The artisanship of true coachbuilding is often considered a lost art, and it is therefore fitting that the stunning vehicle offered here is a named for the fictional paradise of Shangri-La, from Lost Horizon (James Hilton's 1933 book). The huge headlights remind nostalgic people of the pre-war vehicles of the Old Continent.

« Riding on wide whitewall tires and multi-spoked chrome wheels, the Shangri-La roadster is the noted winner of the Charley Hutton Paint Award, and has the design, desire and exclusivity to earn this name.2 »

Another exceptional vehicle that joins the long list already announced by the Miller Lite Sport Auto Show in Quebec City!

To admire the Shangri-La of the famous Rick Dore, it's from May 03 to 05, 2019 at the Expocité Exhibition Center of Quebec for the 50th Miller Lite Sport Auto Show in Quebec City!

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